Pendant lights what a passion! I introduce you Matrioške and Bolle


Today I want to introduce you to the new home entry Aldo Bernardi, a quality company in the Italian landscape of light design.

We are talking about suspended lamps, interior design of private homes and  public spaces, as soon as you become part of the company’s collection.

Pendant lights... what a passion!

Do you remember the series “Lustri” that we explored together a while ago? If you are lost, here’s the link: “Illustri L4 and L11“.

There are three more models that have been added to this series: Matrioške, Bolle e Cipolle.

Specifically I want to concentrate on Matrioške and Bolle because they are two products that really got to me the most and I find them really elegant and versatile, that easily are able to add glamour an environment.

Let’s begin checking these out now!

Matrioške is a particular lamp, characterized by its soft shape and perforated work surface that, apart from lighting up a room, creates splendid lights and shadows (I personally love these effects, what about you?)

Bolle (Bubbles), on the other hand, is a spherical shaped lamp with a rough, irregular surface, which highlights the chromaticity of the lining in an unbelievable way. What do you think?

Both of these lamps are available in gold, copper, platinum and colored enamel finishes: we are really spoiled with all of the different options, this way, you can find whatever is perfect for you!

So I hope that this has been useful to you so that you can find new ideas to renovate and add beauty to your home! Did you like these lamps? Which one do you like best? Where would you put them in your own home? 🙂

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Aldo Bernardi


  • vishal suwalka

    your collection is very good& i want contact with u but i don’t no how? helping me send by email

    • camilla@admin

      Thank you very much Vishal! Anyway, this collection is not mine, it’s by Aldo Bernardi firm. You can find all the right links at the end of the article to get more information! 🙂 And if you want to contact me, you can email me finding the right adress in the “contact details” section on this website 🙂

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