21: the pendant lamp by Bocci


Lamps are my greatest passion, and the pendant lamps are among the designs that I prefer the most. The settings that you can create from their collections are the most impressive and emotionally engaging that you can get in design.

Today, I want to show you the lamp “21” by the Canadian company Bocci. This has simple design and a smooth shape, obtained by a manufacturing process in which thin porcelain sheets are draped around a mold.


This unique manufacturing process makes it possible, every time, to create a product that is never identical to the previous one, depending on how the ceramic sheet is rolled on the mold. In fact, you get slightly different forms every time and each lamp is unique to the world! The company offers the lamp in two versions: Standard 21 and 21 Columnar.

The “Standard 21” version is a single light hanging element, it can be combined or used on its own.



The “Columnar 21” version is a clustered grouping of the light elements. They are available with 19, 37 or 61 lamps.


Elegant and delicate, this lamp is ideal for putting in all those chic and refined spaces, either public or private.



Collection 21



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So what do you think? Do you want a 21 lamp in your house too? Let me know where, write me in the comments!


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