We’ll hear a lot more about Deco Days, the main fair for design in Romania


What happens when in a country there are many design companies and many professionals in the sector but a national reference event is missing?

Simple, you create one, leveraging the network and know-how of local design companies. This is how the Deco Days were born, the reference event for design and decor in Romania.

The 2023 edition of Deco Days was held from 7 to 10 September, in Cluj Napoca, the unofficial capital of Transylvania. Here a lively and dynamic city hosted this event which promotes quality and Romanian production excellence, attracting the attention of many players on the Romanian market, with a large participation of designers, planners and architects.

How Deco Days were born

7 years ago the company Mendola Fabrics, originally from Cluj Napoca, started this event, dedicated exclusively to its commercial partners. Since 2021, Deco Days have changed their face, welcoming new challenges and expanding their audience.

Today they define themselves as an interior design accelerator, a unique event in Romania that brings together interior design companies, designers and design lovers.

Mendola Fabrics was joined by companies such as Narativo, Sonerg and Global Design. Together they decided to team up and create an opportunity to promote not only their brand but also the entire sector. For next year, the goal is to grow more and more and increase the appeal of the event also on an international level. There are all the requirements to do this in terms of branding.

News at Deco Days 2023

This year 40 companies from different fields of lighting, furniture, floors, fabrics and decorative objects found quality interaction thanks to the numerous visitors, both professionals in the sector and the community of curious and passionate people . The active participation of UAD, the University of Art and Design of Cluj Napoca, was also interesting. An important signal that can also lead the way for other academic and university entities in the country.

Installation by UAD

The workshops and speeches held on the main stage and in the dedicated areas were well attended, with live demonstrations and in-depth sessions on digital communication, color and sustainability. This is why we will hear a lot more about Deco Days in future: because in addition to the quality of the exhibiting companies, there is a strong focus on organizing and proposing valuable themes and successful case histories.

How to design and be cool in social media

I personally welcomed with extreme pleasure the invitation from Ioan Pintea, Deputy Director of Mendola Fabrics, to take part in the Deco Days in Romania.

I presented my speech “How to design and be cool in social media“, recounting my experience as a designer who shares her daily work on social media and highlighting three interior design trends that I believe are those that will most characterize the months to come.

I talked about how sustainability is no longer an option but rather an obligatory path for any company, both from the point of view of supply of raw materials and of production, distribution and working conditions of its employees. I have explored the concept of restorative design, for a design that is increasingly comfort-oriented, in all spaces and in all phases of life. I couldn’t help but mention how important it is to delve deeper to better understand our needs and requirements, to create spaces that can evolve with us, without creating negative experiences in terms of usability, concept and livability.

See you next year, dear Deco Days, in Romania.
Article in collaboration with Deco Days.


  • I agree and I think what more can be done. Is to allow certain level of customisation for employees to make there workspace more usercentric.

  • Great
    Hope we can cooperate soon for some designs

  • Great
    We can cooperate for some designs soon
    Best wishes

  • Dr. Jyotiranjan Nayak

    Your love and passion for design is visible. These events encourage the current generation and inspires them for creating models which are in their dreams. Congratulations Camilla Dear🌹👍

  • good initiatives are always interesting.
    Seeking to be a pioneer in your field is a very stimulating process.
    Adjusting to the changing times and expectations is a real challenge. proposing a new meeting with new partners can only help the design evolve and benefit everyone To carry out this project successfully, you need a good notebook
    charges to give the right direction to take for our future

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