How to choose samples for design projects: the Laskasas sample box


What is a sample box

A sample box is for designers a sort of box of wonders that serves to define the choice of samples for design projects. It typically contains miniatures or small details of finishes, materials and colors that replicate the effect of the finished product. Imagine how big architects’ and designers’ studios would be if instead of samples they could only show products in real size. A scenario of towers of tiles, creatively interlocking pieces of parquet, glass slabs ready to shatter, large sizes of fabrics with patterned textures, expanses of marble slabs with different veins would envisage. In short, huge warehouses would be needed and often they would not be enough anyway. With a sample pack you avoid the problem of accumulation, the dispersion of resources and also the occupation of an excessive space. But samples are not all the same.

A small but complete materials library

I received the Laskasas sample box and immersed myself in this small but complete material library divided by type of material, fabric, illustrative catalogs and drawers in which I can also put extra elements.

Before exploring what is inside the Laskasas sample box, we need to make a premise. The balance between aesthetics and functionality in this type of instrument is fundamental. Because when you need to show a selection of finishes to customer, you can’t get lost in indecision or hesitation. And above all, showing colors and types of materials on video (whether on a tablet or PC screen) sometimes can be misleading. Often the details and characterizations of the elements fail to emerge from a digital screen. It also happens that the colors do not match.

What I personally do is build a moodboard with real samples, so as to show it to my clients and also allow them to touch and make their decision.

Why working with samples is useful

Holding a ceramic sample in your hands, touching a tightly woven fabric, feeling the satin finish of a metal are all gestures that create familiarity with the project. They anticipate the final effect and help me as a designer to better motivate the choice of colours, the combination of different materials, the coordination with all the elements of a space.

The Laskasas sample box is a safe in which to store the company’s treasures. Open this box and what you think is a big “Welcome” writing which immediately makes you understand how the basis was a careful design, not a desire to “pack” the samples.

What’s inside the Laskasas sample box

Continuing with the exploration, inside the Laskasas sample box you will find:

  • 3 glass samples
  • 3 mirror samples
  • 6 ceramic samples
  • 8 marble samples
  • 12 metal samples
  • 10 samples of veneered wood
  • 12 samples of lacquered wood
  • 1 card with sample of synthetic leather fabrics
  • 3 cards with samples of natural leathers
  • 3 cards with samples of the microfibres
  • 4 cards with fabric samples

How to get the Laskasas sample box

You can request the Laskasas sample box by filling out the form on their website. Ordering their samples also helps test what it’s like to work with Laskasas. Shipping times, attention to detail, timeliness in communication, internationality of their approach to design: all factors that can be evaluated in person without necessarily relying blindly on the others opinion.

Article in collaboration with Laskasas, sample box supplied by the company

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