Ceramica Rondine’s inspirational hub at Cersaie 2023


Ceramica Rondine has a history of innovations that has always characterized its production, its aesthetics and its market positioning. At Cersaie 2023, the Italian company reiterated, with a marked design elegance, its inspirational message to the world of ceramics. It did this by conceiving the stand not as square meters to fill but as the inspirational hub of Ceramica Rondine.

The company designed a space that was exhibition, but also functional to the involvement of visitors and propagator of the aesthetic mood of all the collections through the creation of dedicated corners. The experience is more imaginative than immersive, with finished project ideas that enhance the products of the collections.

News 2023 from Ceramica Rondine

The welcome area that I personally designed is a hymn to creatively conceive the colors. Think with colors is an invitation even before a motto, best represented by the Brick Generation Colors collection. The study on colors that characterizes this collection is evident here, in which the new 4.8×45 cm size expands the possibilities of inclusion in projects and use in domestic or contract contexts.

Going deeper into the hub, you come across the new Cannè collection. It’s a porcelain tile series with a 3D effect (wood on concrete or wood on wood) of regular grooves that revisit 1930s decorations.

We continue with Aurea, the shaded-opaque effect series in the 60×120 cm format, exhibited at Cersaie in moodboard mode, with color matching suggestions. Hexagonal tiles with a material composition in different nuances then accompany visitors in different areas of the total 640 square meters.

Among the other new stoneware products: Cortina (the oak wood effect series), Windsor (with echoes of the traditional English architecture of castles and cathedrals), Cruda and Cruda Brick (concrete effect coverings, both indoors and outdoors). To these, also worth adding are Nolita, Graffiti and Harlem from the Brick collection.

From hotel to boutique

The imaginative power of a space is closely linked to the design diligence with which it is conceived. This year Ceramica Rondine has recreated the imagery of a luxurious accommodation facility and a boutique. The hotel ambience was also an opportunity to present the large format plates in a realistic context. The Ceramica Rondine boutique, on the other hand, was a very successful display of the vast collection, in fashion bag format.

Ceramica Rondine at Cersaie 2023 in a nutshell

Wanting to summarize in points, like short take-away notes to use when needed, Ceramica Rondine at Cersaie in a nutshell:

  • the versatility of the colorful, elegant and functional Bricks in the new 4.8×45 cm size
  • the ease of use of tiles with a material composition in different nuances
  • the three-dimensional accuracy of Cannè in the wood/concrete and wood/wood effect versions
  • fashionable ceramics, with the display kit that recalls the atmosphere of the boutique
  • the large slabs presented in a specifically designed setting

Article in collaboration with Ceramica Rondine

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