7 Enoteca in Oakville


As a good Italian, I’m obviously a proud spokesperson for the culinary culture of my country, although I also appreciate foreign flavors and cuisines that sometimes I like to experiment with too.

Made in Italy, even in the kitchen, has been able to carve out its place of honor in the world, but we don’t necessarily have to be in Italy to enjoy our typical Mediterranean dishes, right?

Today I want to talk to you about a very special place, with a menu consisting of Italian dishes and ingredients, which actually isn’t in Italy, but it’s in another country and in my opinion is equally as amazing! I’ll give you a clue, it is located in the home of maple syrup… Do you know the place I’m talking about?

We are in Canada and the place is called “7 Enoteca“.

The interior design is fresh and colorful: I love that there is a touch of orange chosen for the seats, that goes well with the wood and marble in an excellent way.

I find the bright atmosphere both refined and splendid all made possible by the character and  choice of the light design: I’m talking about the Civetta light suspension system by Aldo Bernardi, an Italian company specializing in lighting systems which I have recently discovered and I find really interesting!

The counter area facing the wall which is used to display the various wine bottles from the Enoteca, is definitely my favorite corner.

The atmosphere is warm and intimate, I love it!



And what do you think? Do you like “7 Enoteca”? Did you know about it already? If you’re in Canada, don’t forget to drop by and tell me what you think about the place, the food, and of course…everything else!


7 Enoteca – 216 Lakeshore Rd. E Oakville Ontario

Phone: 905 842 4777 – [email protected]



7 Enoteca

the Civetta lighting system by Aldo Bernardi

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