The Metropol Parasol in Seville


The Metropol Parasol is the perfect place to enjoy the best view of Seville.


It’s in Plaza de la Encarnacion, the central and dynamic place of the small Andalusian city, a perfect combination of modernity and historicity. Ready to see something really spectacular?
I’m talking about the majestic project that stands at the center of the square, designed by J. Mayer H. Architects studio in 2009: the Metropol Parasol.


The Metropol Parasol is a project-symbol that has managed to bring out the charm of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.


The old part of town meets and blends perfectly with a new contemporary structure, the hub of activities and initiatives the citizens and tourists enjoy. From this combination of different styles incredibly charming views were brought to life.

The beautiful Metropol Parasol (called “Las Setas” by the Sevillians, because of its structure that reminds a mushroom), has increased exponentially the potential use of the square. Today there’s a farmers market, an elevated plaza, numerous bars and restaurants, an underground museum and a rooftop terrace, all which attract hundreds of tourists who want to enjoy the sunshine of the Andalusian city every day.

The structure is truly impressive! It’s extremely impressive in terms of dimension, but its architecture of solids and voids makes it visually light.

Light colors and futuristic design are the keywords to describe it!

I find this an extremely impressive building with lights in the evening, but perhaps what I like most is the breathtaking views that can be seen from the elevated terrace that overlook Seville.

What do you think about it? Do you like the Metropol Parasol? Would you like to visit? If you happen to go to Seville I suggest you give it a go… you’ll be amazed by Las Setas ! 🙂


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