Unconventional sofas: magical unusual shapes


What happens when furniture is designed ‘out of the box’

Using unconventional shapes, sometimes it happens and it can create real design magic, as, for example – it has happened for some sofas.

But let’s continue in an orderly way.

The sofa, I’m sure you will agree, is one of the most common pieces in any type of decor. Whether we are talking about residential or commercial settings, sofas are a must: they can decorate and characterise an environment and of course, it’s always there to welcome us with it’s comfort.

The market offers us many different types of sofa: shape, colour, size, the possibility to customise and modularise, and much, much more

Whatever our needs are, we really do have the opportunity to find anything we like and that is right for us.

Let’s say however, that generally the sofa has a standard macroform, which always follows the same rules on volume and dimension.

Except for the ones you will see below.

In fact, I have collected for you what I consider to be the most unusual and unconventional sofas there are – some are iconic, others are decidedly less known – and which obviously maintain a very high aesthetic and functional quality.

You can find other different sofas with unusual shapes but in my opinion, many are made in very bad taste.

However, those that you will see here, we can classify as the top of the top.

If you are looking for something particular, unusual and extremely eccentric for your living room or space, you are in the right space: let the magic begin!

Boa by Fernando and Humberto Campana

A nest without structure that allows hundreds of positions. A total of 120 meters of tube filled with plastic polyurethane and feathers. The velvet covering gives the sofa a slightly iridescent brightness. Eye catching.

You can find it here.

Credits: edra.com
Credits: edra.com
Credits: edra.com
Credits: edra.com

And by Fabio Novembre

Vertigo and emptiness in a game of infinite perspective. A piece made from polyurethane foam, that allows us to imagine a theoretically infinite composition, capable of creating geometric effects with light, shadow and size. Hypnotic.

You can find it here.

Credits: mapletimes.it
Credits: cappellini.it

Nubola by Gaetano Pesce

As the name suggests, this sofa takes its name from the clouds and reflects the idea of size, enhanced by the light and shadow created by the quilting. In terms of shape, it is certainly the most conventional of the sofas I will show in this selection, but the contrast between the seat and the structure generates, in my opinion, a truly special effect.

You can find it here.

Credits: promotedesign.it, villadimilano.com
Credits: pamono.it, businesspeople.it

Mutation Sofa by Maarten De Ceulaer

Hundreds and hundreds of bubbles for this sofa which, as the name suggests  – a type of mutation, something that is forming or evolving. Fun, but with a touch of style.

You can find it here.

Credits: maartendeceulaer.com

Osaka by Pierre Paulin

Sinuous and organic lines for a sofa composed of modules that allow unlimited combinations and which can take the curves you prefer to get in harmony with the spaces in which they are placed. The best thing to do with these pieces? Play with colour and create tone-on-tone combinations – my favorite game! – or use contrasting colours. 

You can find it here.

Credits: interiordesign.net, lacividina.com
Credits: lacividina.com
Credits: LaCividina on Facebook
Credits: ad-magazin.de
Credits: archiportale.com, paulinpaulinpaulin.com
Credits: lacividina.com
Credits: lacividina.com

Irregular Bomb by Robert Stadler

When designing this sofa, Robert Stadler was inspired by a volcanic eruption. The part that seems to liquify? Sublime!

You can find it here.

Credits: carpentersworkshopgallery.com
Credits: home4rt.com

Bocca by Studio 65

From 1970 until today, the very famous Bocca sofa remains an undisputed icon of design, with a tendency to pop art. If you are not afraid to dare, then this is perfect. 

You can find it here.

Credits: studio65.eu
Credits: latriennale.org, theshopatbluebird.com

Tatlin by Maurizio Canazi and Roberto Semprini

The shape of this sofa is inspired by the Talin tower. It’s a piece which suits a central room position, with its geometric features that speak for themselves. Wonderfull, there is nothing else to add.

You can find it here.

Credits: switchmodern.com
Credits: edra.com

What do you think? Obviously, I hope I have inspired you or helped you to discover new, interesting and useful products. 


What do you think of this selection of sofas? Which of these are you most attracted to? Do you think I have missed any? Let me know what you think. Write below in the comments or email me at [email protected]

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