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8 years after the opening of this space devoted to design and beauty, is taking a break in preparation for a new look.

Managing this blog is a commitment that has always filled me with satisfaction. Thanks to these pages I came into contact with many of you and met wonderful companies. This space is full of interviews, insights, new discoveries, exceptional confirmations and more or less long rankings of what is beautiful, what remains and what always strikes.

Now is stopping for a while to give itself time to change, but the spirit and curiosity that have always characterized it are added to what I propose daily on social media.

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have been my favorite forms of communication for some time and which I believe are most in line with you and your changed habits.

But the blog does not close. The articles will always remain here for those who have a bit of nostalgia or for those who are looking for some evergreen topic or event from the past. A good read is always excellent company.

See you on social media. And then soon back here.

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