The exotic style for your table


If you love the exotic style, nature, and elegance, I’m sure you won’t be able to help but fall in love with this set of dishes that I have chosen for you that will give your table a wild and cool touch of design.

The set, which is part of Yvonne Ellen Monochrome Collection, consists of two dishes: a plate and a saucer.


The decoration has only the proper combinations and the right shaped pieces. This feature, in addition to being interesting, gives the set a known refinement, that something extra that I’m sure all of your guests will appreciate! 🙂



Excellent materials and finishes and white-gold-black coloring emphasizes the elegance of the product.




(Set the table with these dishes during one of your special evenings and trust me, you’ll leave everyone speechless!)


The sets are available in four versions: the Giraffe set, the Whale set, the Flamingo set, and the Deer set.


credits immagini

To learn more or to purchase the sets, use the following links:

Animal Plate Set

Giraffe Plate Set

Fancy Flamingo Plate Set

Whale of a Time Plate Set

Stag Plate Set



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