5 Valentine’s Day gifts for designers and architects (in love)


5 Valentine's Day gifts for architects and designers (in love)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve chosen some design gifts for him and her. Obviously my suggestions are above all for designers and architects. Yes, because designers and architects (both male and female versions) are special professionals. Gifts for designers and architects must always take into account form and function, aesthetics and structural appearance. Not to mention the quality of the materials: never poor quality – beware! – never badly made products for architects and designers. Those that I have selected for you on this list, are gifts with a romantic feel, both in their intrinsic design and the colors. Lots of hearts are coming, let’s get started?

These are 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for architects and designers (in love) or to fall in love with.

1. Heart Led Lamp by Seletti

Love is a word of light, written by a hand of light, on a page of light.

Is the Heart Led Lamp a lamp-heart? Yes, but not only! It’s a wall lamp-heart, like painting or picture, with clear references to pop art. It uses LED and it was designed by Studio Job, an eccentric, creative Belgian studio. Seletti’s Heart Lamp is a special edition launched just for Valentine’s Day 2019. A romantic and audacious piece combining lighting and wall decor.


Heart Led Lamp by Seletti, special edition for Valentine's day 2019

2. Letters by Papertype

Love is for everyone, but each expresses it in its own way.

So if you’re in love but not overly romantic, then these letters by Papertype may be for you (or your other half). It has the right amount of playful irony with a great font obsession so dear to graphics and designers.


Home letters version by Papertype

3. Kiss gold by Casa Bugatti

“A romantic kiss that unites two different styles, like in the best love stories”

Do you have very high blood sugar? Well! I mean, bad! But if that is the case then you and your partner could always improve your health by eating lots of nuts. Nuts that you could crack together during a romantic evening, thanks to the nutcracker Gold Kiss designed by Teseo Berghella.


Romantic nutcracker by Casa Bugatti

4. Clizia Table by Slamp

Thanks for the flowers

…especially if they are designer flowers! The Clizia table lamp reminds me of nature, like a bouquet of bright flowers. It’s available in several colors and in the collection there are also wall, floor and suspension versions. The designer is Adriano Rachele.


Clizia, the table lamp by Slamp

5. Love Heart Pillow by Vitra

Too much love.

With an icon you can never go wrong and Vitra knows this well. This pillow is a must, it never goes out of fashion. Let’s face it, the pillow is a true symbol of love, an intense declaration of love for those who want to give it.


Love Heart pillow by Vitra

These are the 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day that I have selected for you. I hope that for him or her you might find the right gift. Above all, I wish you love or to fall in love on Valentine’s Day and for all the rest of the year.

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