The fantastic world of Lapitec: all you need to know about the material and the company


What is Lapitec and what are its properties

Lapitec is a sintered stone material, 100% made in Italy, that respects the environment. It’s obtained from a mixture of selected mineral powders, with no resins or petroleum. Lapitec is resistant and easily workable for the most diverse applications. It has certificates and patents that determine its eco-sustainability protocols at an international level, such as the “Green Guard Gold” and the “NSF”.

Lapitec: a successful material and company

Lapitec refers to the natural material, known for its resistance and ecological properties. It should be added that with Lapitec we are faced with a case of brand-antonomasia, which occurs when the name of a company is used to indicate a material or a category of products in common language. It happened for cellophane, jacuzzi, moka and in numerous other cases. The success of the Lapitec company lies precisely in the discovery of this extraordinary material, by the cavalier Marcello Toncelli, over twenty years ago. Since then, the company has set itself the goal of combining prestige and sustainability. Today, the 18 thousand square meters of the headquarters in Vedelago (TV) are a green oasis, powered by photovoltaic panels.

What Lapitec is used for

The use of Lapitec is functional to each of its end uses, be it a coating, a floor, a partition, a facade or even the constructive element of spas, wellness centers, swimming pools, kitchen tops, yachts or bathroom areas. Lapitec is extremely versatile, thanks above all to its properties that make it resistant to acids and atmospheric agents. It also has no pores, so it prevents dirt and bacteria from lurking. In interior design and outdoor projects, Lapitec can therefore be a valid solution. The Lapitec company has numerous projects including luxury yachts and boats, for example. This is because when resistance to corrosion is required, for example, the sintered stone allows to combine functionality, durability and high aesthetic performance.

Why use Lapitec and prefer it to other materials

A whole slab of Lapitec measures 336 cm (length) x 150 cm (width), over 5 square meters in total, while the available thicknesses are 1.2 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm. The dimensional characteristics of the Lapitec slabs therefore allow great options of use (it weighs about 30 kg per square meter). The colors available for Lapitec slabs are 17, available in 7 different finishes, therefore over a hundred possible combinations. The Lapitec company curates three collections with the homonymous material (Essenza, Arabescata and Musa). Each collection tells a different aesthetic, also enriched by the option of different textures to choose from. Speaking of colors, Bianco Polare (from the Essenza collection) and Arabescato Michelangelo (from the Arabescata collection) are among my favorites.

Arabescato Michelangelo
Bianco Polare

Furnishing with Lapitec: furniture and interior design

Interior design is increasingly opening up to the world of Lapitec, considered a material that can also easily become furniture. Just think of a table, with a Lapitec base, resistant to scratches, abrasion but above all stains. The kitchens of our homes or the tables of cafes and restaurants could overcome the obstacle of stains or acids that attack the surfaces. In fact, Lapitec is a natural alternative to marble, which characterizes a space or an element with a contemporary elegance and guarantees a quality that cannot be ruined by time. This also applies to kitchens, shower trays, sinks, outdoor furniture, etc.

How Lapitec behaves in outdoor spaces

Any outdoor project must deal with bad weather and the impact on the environment, as well as with maintenance. Obstacles that the use of Lapitec material reduces and in some cases cancels. In this private residence in Dubai, which I will now take as an example, the Lapitec company has provided slabs that interact with parts in wood, glass and metal. Lapitec is used here in two different contrasting colors, light and dark. A dialogue of raw materials that also continues inside the villa, where the cream-colored walls represent a continuum with the outside.

Future Villa in Dubai
Future Villa in Dubai in Lapitec

The fantastic world of Lapitec

What too often is not said about Lapitec is that it is a 100% made in Italy material. It’s the result of a research and development work that uses technologies and innovations, supported by a design and material vision that deserves the right attention. The Vedelago-based company not only boasts the discovery and realizations of this material, but also has given international scope to the project. Lapitec is present in over 70 countries around the world, with a 100% Made in Italy material and a sustainable and ecological vocation, certainly a prestige that other companies cannot easily boast.

*Article in collaboration with Lapitec


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