10 sustainable Christmas gifts for architects and designers


Giving something to an architect or a designer is not easy. Pickiness, extensive knowledge of brands, minds sensitive to ecology and eco-sustainability, demands on ergonomics, materials, design and much more. A gift for a designer is also a way to discover new companies and new products. Certainly the gift must stimulate creativity, maybe help productivity, improve the functionality of a space or optimize the time in carrying out an action. Trying to meet the needs of those who are looking for gift ideas for architects, designers and planners of all kinds, I have prepared a list of eco-sustainable products, made with recycled and recyclable materials, attentive to the health of the world. A green gift is good for those who receive it and for the rest of the planet. Let’s start with sustainable gifts for Christmas 2021.

The Stir It Up Wireless Turntable and Get Together Duo Speakers from House of Marley

We are in the iconic sphere of music lovers, those who do not give up on authentic sound, vinyl (33 and 45 rpm) and enjoy hearing the cartridge touch the mat. Recycled aluminum, as well as the plastic, silicone and rubber used, together with cotton and natural hemp fabrics, make up this turntable, this real green gem. Price € 249.99.

Compact and wireless, these speakers allow up to 20 hours of playback from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Obviously with the Stir It Up Wireless turntable they are the best. The speakers are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, REGRIND silicone and REWIND fabric (made from a blend of regenerated organic cotton, regenerated hemp and recycled PET). Price € 189.99.

Both can be purchased at a price of € 439.98.

Stir It Up Wireless – Turntable by House Of Marley
Get Together Duo – Speaker by House Of Marley

Lively candle by Aina Kari

From the packaging to the jar and the wax, everything in this candle is eco-friendly. Seaweed paper from the Venetian swamp for the pack (recyclable, biodegradable, FSC ™ certified and produced using EKOenergy), opal glass in two color layers, 100% natural ecological coconut wax, rapeseed, soy and beeswax. Price €240,00.

Lively – Aina Kari candle

Christmas tree on Say Paper

As a centerpiece on holidays, as a desk or bookcase ornament, on the fireplace or on the windowsill, this 3D Christmas object is all to be built and assembled. Made of sturdy recycled cardboard and vegetable inks, to show every Christmas. Price €22,90.

Paper Christmas Tree by Studio Roof on Say Paper

Xilo by P di Pigna

Pen in walnut and mahogany with brass details, Xilo is designed to support the act of writing and guarantees an autonomy of use of 4,000 meters, with refill. It has a cardboard packaging that is also a page marker and, when opened, it also becomes a smartphone holder and a note holder. Price €30,01.

Xilo by P di Pigna

Tape Fit Mat by Ever Life Design

In natural cork, hygienic, breathable and safe, it has adherence and stability to the ground. The mat is 100% sustainable and recyclable, perfect for yoga exercises or home workouts. Price €96,00.

Cork Mat by Ever Life Design

Cabina Trolley by Roncato

Light but resistant, like the whole Roncato Box collection, the trolley is made of polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material, totally made in Italy, with a 10-year guarantee Price €159,00.

Cabina Trolley by Roncato

Karma towel by Busatti

The towel is made from seaweed with certified organic cotton, size 60x85cm and in different shades of color. The seaweed thread is obtained from a vegetable from the northern seas with powerful antioxidant abilities that help the skin reduce aging, soothe irritation and remove heavy metals caused by pollution stress. Price €50.00.

Karma towel, made by seaweed, by Busatti

Regenerate toothbrush

Ok, it’s a toothbrush, but it’s designed by Piero Lissoni! Light, ergonomic and with a non-slip handle, made entirely of recycled plastic. It has very soft but thick bristles, which allow excellent cleaning. Price €7.50.

Regenerate by Piero Lissoni

Toothbrush holder by TL Bath

Safe, solid, resistant, non-toxic and above all recyclable, plexi is an excellent ecological material. This accessory completes the bathroom furniture with a touch of style and elegance, strictly made in Italy. Price €32.95.

Plexi Toothbrush holder by TL Bath

Caramella Lamp by Balume

It’s both a table lamp and a wall lamp, with its playful shape totally in maple wood. Given its very delicate color, it lets the light shine through, enhancing the grain of the wood.

Price €70,00.

Maple wood lamp by Balume

*Article in collaboration with House of Marley


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