Modern double beds: 4 proposals for your design bedroom


Design beds for the sleeping area

How is a design bed made? It is a bed that combines technical features with a style that reflects and respects the aesthetics of the sleeping area in which it is. The bed invites rest, calm and relaxation, but the modern bedroom is something more. It’s a place where functionality cannot only be disguised as aesthetics, but must play a leading role. It’s true that we interior designers often devote particular attention to the sleeping area, but only because we try to anticipate the real future needs of those who will live in that space and the possible changes that could be implemented. When choosing a bed, you often run the risk of acting too quickly or getting carried away by the fashion of the moment.

How to choose an upholstered bed

Upholstered beds are a trend that perfectly sums up the need to put aesthetics at the service of comfort. Upholstered beds are designed to create a sense of welcome and prolonged well-being, as well as to be focal points of the bedroom furniture. The choice of the upholstered bed must comply with the size of the room, the color palette chosen for the walls and finishes. The padded structures are massive and take up a slightly larger portion of space than a traditional bed with a slender frame.

This type of design beds furnishes with its volumes and with some components that increase the sense of comfort, just think of the headboards or the side flaps that create an almost embracing effect.

4 upholstered bed choices for your modern sleeping area

Milano Design Week is the trendsetter event par excellence and the edition of 2021 has launched truly remarkable proposals for the sleeping area. The Novamobili company has created four new upholstered beds with a modern and sophisticated style.

Among the novelties for 2021 is the Hide bed, born from the design of Valeria Carlesso. It has an enveloping line, given by the headboard that creates an intimate and collected environment, of total wraparound. The Hide bed also comes in a storage option with Simple lift mechanism, which from 2022 can also be motorized. A great luxury with comfort that easily emerges. Dimensions 208 cm x 227 cm or 228 cm x 227 cm (for bed bases 160/180 cm x 200 cm). 

Hide bed by Novamobili

The Twice bed has a more minimal appeal, with the padded headboard that reminds of two large flat cushions and a slimmer bed frame, available in all oak veneers. The headboard cushions can be optionally made in all leathers, eco-leathers and fabrics from the Novamobili collection. This proposal for the sleeping area is signed by Novamobili Studio. Dimensions 197 cm x 224 cm or 197 cm x 234 cm (for bed bases 160/190 cm x 200 cm).

Twice bed by Novamobili

The Groove bed, designed by Silvia Prevedello, has wooden legs (available in 4 veneered oak or canaletto walnut finishes) that make the design extremely elegant. Here the padded headboard is a single block, with vertical seams that create a light and harmonious aesthetic. The bed frame is also padded, supported by slender wooden support elements. It seems suspended in the dimension of the room. Dimensions 221 cm x 230 cm or 241 cm x 230 cm (for bed bases 160/180 cm x 200 cm).

Groove bed by Novamobili

The Tuftè bed, once again signed by Silvia Prevedello, has a large padded headboard with some stitching, 114 cm high. The structure rests on slender wooden feet, which support a minimal and functional bed frame. In this image, the gray headboard and the earthen oak feet have a vaguely ethnic style, which perfectly matches modern environments. Dimensions 219 cm x 233 cm or 239 cm x 233 cm (for bed bases 160/180 cm x 200 cm).

Tuftè bed by Novamobili

*Article in collaboration with Novamobili


  • Franck Ardaens

    The bed is a piece of furniture that is always to difficult to reinvent .Today it maybe time to revisit the function of a bedroom in our modern society . The choices offered are very interesting .
    The Hide bed gives the impression of an inflatable mattress in a swimming pool .
    It jump to the eyes and immediatly takes
    the attention in its midst .
    The twice bed blends more into the room
    to better match the decor .
    The groove bed brings a beautiful modernity by its lines , its minimalism and its proportions . It almost becomes a work of art in the room .
    The Tufté bed , like a little brother , will fit more into the wall .
    It’s up to everyone to define the importance and personality of their bed in the rest area .

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