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Hey, how is your summer going?

Here in Tuscany it’s really hot and I’ve been working a lot on a new project (if you follow my Instagram you already know what I’m talking about, right?) so I still haven’t been able to relax! 😉

Today though I want to share with you my big news!

I am talking about the new partnership between this blog and the 7th Edition of designjunction

If you don’t know about designjunction,  it’s a London event/fair that takes place at the London Design Festival (in September).

Although it’s pretty new, it has become one of the most important places and events of innovation and quality design around the world.

But taking a step back, I’m telling you about this not only because I’m proud of it or to tell you how beautiful designjunction is… I’m telling you because this collaboration is becoming an opportunity for you to take part in this community!


Let me tell you a little bit about what will be happening during the 7th Edition of designjunction, and then I will reveal the surprise I have for you (a little bit of suspense…)

1. The designjunction event will take place in London from the 21st to 24th of September 2017

2. Over 200 design brands will be exhibited, among some of the most important in the world

3. The entire area that will host designJunction will be lit up with art installations and set ups

4. The Office Group’s Stanley Building area (fabulous, I’ll show you in the pictures), will be holding masterclasses based on 21st Century Design

5. There will be more than 70 pop-up design shops (where you can buy innovative, hi-tech products, as well as products for the home)

6. The official hashtag is #wheredesignmeets and #djKX (by clicking it, you’ll come across a lot of beautiful pictures, I can guarantee it!)


If you want to participate,

I have a 50% discount code for your ticket!

Click here and enjoy it 😉

So what do you think about this surprise? Do you like it? 50% isn’t bad, right? Did you already know about Designjunction before today? Do you think you’ll go to the event? I will definitely be going!


Visitor Information #designjunction2017

21st – 24th of September

Granary Square – King’s Cross, N1C 4AA

Thursday 21 September 11:00 – 20:00

Friday 22 September 11:00 – 19:00

Saturday 23 September 11:00 – 18:00

Sunday 24 September 11:00 – 17:00

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