designjunction Edition 2017: We’re almost here! Where to go, what to do, and what you can participate in!


Spectacular fixtures, new products and workshops, all here in London from the 21st to the 24th of September!

Finally I can share the news that just arrived about designjunction’s 7th Edition with you! I have a lot of information available, so, if you find yourselves in London on those dates, or if you’d like to go, I can guide you through the events, especially the ones you don’t want to miss! What you do say, let’s check it out?


Let’s go!

Taking a Walk in Granary Square

Granary Square

In this square you will find different projects, varying from fixtures, product presentations, and food.

Specifically we will have:

• The Turkish ceramic fixture, “Gateways” by Adam Nathaniel Furman, who celebrates the culture of Turkish ceramics

The Dubai Design District, with “Middle East: Design Now!” will present an exposition that will present a collective designer and emerging artist

• At the pop-up mini bar Tala, you will be able to taste the refined wine, Porto, with tonic

• Remote Possibilities will present “Box Office”, that is, the housing capsules available not only for public places, but also for your own use

Renault UK will present their concept car, TreZor

Campari will animate the King’s Cross canal, from the inside of a customized boat, with a fixture that will adorn the banks of the canal

The Turkish ceramic fixture, “Gateways” by Adam Nathaniel Furman
The Dubai Design District, with “Middle East: Design Now!” will present an exposition that will present a collective designer and emerging artist
Campari will animate the King’s Cross canal, from the inside of a customized boat

Debates and Conferences

The designjunction event won’t be without debates and conferences. They will be talking about design, digital design, workspaces, materials, solutions for your home, and many other design topics!

OMK 1965, Omstak chair

The Emerging Designers

Besides the brands that are known worldwide, during the four days of the event it will be possible to get in contact with some of the most promising designers of the moment. At The Crossing, they will announce the 10 project finalists with consequent awards for the Rado Star competition.

Another Studio, Timber Tailor pendant


lightjunction exhibition 2016

Undoubtedly one of my favorite sections is the one dedicated to light. On the ground floor of the Cubitt House it will be possible to admire the luminous creations by many different international brands added to the spectacular light fixtures display.

How could you miss this?


Cubitt House
LG Display OLED Light

The Materials

The traditional materials, like ceramic, to 3D printing, will be a particular focus of the event, dedicated to the world of materials. I want to point out that the event is specifically dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Corian.

The SCIN Gallery

The Creative Workshops

It will also be possible to demonstrate your own creativity by participating in the multiple workshops available. Here are two in particular that I want to point out to you:

• The Bloomon workshop where you can learn how to create a beautiful flower bouquet

• The workshop by Campari where you can learn to make their famous cocktail

Breather x Modus Workspace pop-up, the place to meet, focus and stay connected

Shopping in Canopy

In Canopy there will be a shopping pop-up center featuring more than 70 brands and emerging designers. It will be the shopping area in the event where you can buy designer products for your house, accessories, ceramics, technology, including jewelry and other handcrafted products.


Food Break Creativity

For taking a break and talking about food, the designjunction event still manages to keep the design theme.

Let me explain:

• There will be 2 creative cafes inside where there will also be the new luxury collection of wallpaper by 2LG and Custhom’s

• In Granary Square there will be the Real Food Festival that has the best street food in London

Paleta Girls will have their all-natural fruit icies and popsicles for visitors

• In the Canopy area you won’t be able to miss the pop-up of the famous Canopy Beer Co that will delight everyone with their drinks

2LG x Custhom launches its interactive café in celebration of their new Forest Hill collection

Useful Information

To wrap up, here is some information that is useful and practical:


Thursday the 21st – Sunday the 24th of September



1 Granary Square, King’s Croos, Londra



Thursday 21 September 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday 22 September 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday 23 September 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunday 24 September 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Remember that if you intend on participating, you still have time to get your ticket 50% off, click here

The Turkish ceramic fixture, “Gateways” by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Okay, I would say that this is everything you’ll need to prepare for the designjunction event! 🙂  Is there an activity that particularly interests you? Will you be in London during the event? In my opinion, there’s just so much to choose from, then it’s in London… what a city! Unfortunately this year I won’t be able to make it for work reasons, so if you end up going, write to me and tell me all about your experience! I’m super curious, so I’ll be waiting to hear from you!!



©photos: designjunction

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