Influencer Marketing: my new book published by Hoepli


What is this influencer marketing? Who is an influencer today? And what does it do exactly? Who really needs influencers? These are some of the most frequent questions people ask me when they don’t ask me for topics or advice related to the field of design and architecture.

All the answers that I have learned to give over the years, I thought, could one day also be useful to companies and communication agencies. And while I was thinking that, Cristiano Carriero proposed my name to the Hoepli publishing house to write a book about influencer marketing together.

The very first time with "Influencer Marketing" in my hands

So I found myself writing down my experience of these years with social media and companies. “Influencer Marketing”, this is the title of the book, is therefore the sum of what I have learned and tested, as a designer, blogger and content creator.

What a company wants from an influencer, what an influencer is able to give them, what is legal and appropriate and what is incorrect and harmful: these and many other situations that I have also experienced in the first person are described as examples between the pages of the book.


With the author Cristiano Carriero

“Influencer Marketing” has a dual soul, on the one hand mine, that of Camilla Bellini you know as a blogger and content creator, on the other that of Cristiano Carriero, as digital pr specialist and storyteller. Creators, companies, brands, professionals and communication and PR agencies, each of these subjects finds a food for thought or a case history that can inspire them.

To enrich the book we made use of the professionalism of my studio (Giulia, my partner, and Paola, my social media manager, were invaluable) and that of many professionals who agreed to share their cultural background with all the readers.

The introduction was curated by Luca La Mesa, author of a case study on how influencers can generate social impact. Veronica Civiero, expert in influencer marketing and Head of Digital in L’Oreal has granted us a special interview. Andrea Antoni, after having participated as a teacher in two editions of  Take your social seriously, old us about some of his projects as a content creator. And then again the agency Show Reel, Matteo Pogliani, Federica De Stefani and other incredible professionals who have contributed with their experience to enrich this book.

I presented the book together with Cristiano at the Web Marketing Festival di Rimini, now it has been published throughout the bookshops and can be purchased online both on the Hoepli website and on Amazon.

With Luca La Mesa, curator of the introduction of "Influencer Marketing"
Veronica Civiero with "Influencer Marketing"

Did you follow the book’s launch on Instagram? Visit my Facebook page, is there a live interview! Did you know the influencer marketing world? Are you passionate about it? Write me your impressions in the comments!

Presentation during the Web Marketing Festival 2019

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