Lungarno Bistrot: the perfect mix of classic and contemporary in a dreamy place


Today I decided to take you with me to one of the most spectacular places of my city, and one of the most beautiful restaurants in Florence: it is the enchanting Lungarno Bistrot, a real jewel of the Tuscan capital, which has always struck me for its elegant  interiors.

Thanks to the blog and the availability of Francesco Granato, the owner of the restaurant, we had the opportunity for a wonderful collaboration.

The Lungarno Bistrot is overlooking the Arno River in the central area of ​​Florence, appena Oltrarno (as the Florentines say) or for a better understanding, near the Ponte Vecchio, in a small square on the river bank Gucciardini, where the restaurant also has an outdoor area.

The position is simply astounding for those who love the center of Florence, especially at night, when the river reflects the bright lights of the city: it is like being in a magical world, a small enchanting place in a city equally enchanted.

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

credits: Lungarno Bistrot

What has always impressed me in the Lungarno Bistrot interior is its refined atmosphere and the great sense of equilibrium that it makes you feel. The atmosphere is classic yet contemporary at the same time.

The palette of colors chosen are warm and surrounding, made of beige, brown, off white, gold, and a touch of green and black.

The materials used follow in the style of this choice: soft fabrics, chairs and padded seats and, above all, the parquet floor, helping to give a sense of warmth that is visually perceived and we can find ourselves in the equally warm hospitality of the staff.

The atmosphere, thanks to this clever mix of colors and styles, is simply magnificent, and is even more enhanced by the fantastic designer lamps in the environment, which return the contemporary and sophisticated look I mentioned before.

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

Here for example, the lamp “Taraxacum“, a piece of the historic design by my favorite of all time, designer by Achille Castiglioni and produced by Flos:

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

And there is a also lamps from the series, minimal pendant lamps “14” by Bocci Design, a young company but great quality:

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

But what struck me the most were the small hanging gardens, able to give a touch of freshness, color and environmental innovation. They are real natural frames, able to give a touch of style to walls featuring the most diverse textures.

Smooth or textured, they play and interact, changing the light depending on their nature.

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

In Lungarno Bistrot, also the large kitchen is fully exposed, an unmistakable sign of an attention to detail and the desire to show customers all areas of the restaurant, without any secrets.

You can even observe the skillful chef Francesco Fumarola work with his staff, who will prepare the delicious dishes from the Lungarno menu, and studied both form and flavor.

The dishes are traditional yet sophisticated in the ingredients, always careful presentation in detail, typical of food design.

I had the pleasure to try some of it and I can assure you that they are delicious! Here there’s something for all tastes: they serve traditional cuisine, vegetarian, and vegan.

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

The Lungarno Bistrot is, as you’ll see, a truly exceptional location, and also hosts many events related to fashion, art at the Bienvivre.

What could be better than combining good food, design, and culture? 
Are you already thinking of reserving your table for a fairytale dinner? If so, I hope you have a good meal!

Post’s highlights:

Taraxacum by Flos

14 by Bocci Design

Thanks to Francesco Granato, the friendly owner of the restaurant Lungarno Bistrot

Lungarno Bistrot Firenze

Art director: Giulia Grilli

Photos: LSDP creative



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