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As time goes on and people’s lifestyles change, everything is transformed, adapted, and modernized. The most difficult challenge is to be able to change while keeping the original essence and identity unchanged. This universal concept of change identifies perfectly with the philosophy of the new and innovative brand of Eluvian.

When I found this product I loved it right away and I was looking forward to show it to you. Thanks to an interesting collaboration with the company, here it is!


Eluvian is an innovative German company with an original purpose: to modernize an ancient object that was probably one of mankind’s first inventions, which has been around for centuries. We are talking about the candle, which has always been an everyday object. Today, the candle’s original function for producing light is no longer needed and it has instead become an object that creates a relaxing atmosphere and decorates our homes.

Eluvian candles are very technological, without an actual flame, they are instead illuminated by a LED battery-powered internal system, activated by a button placed on the bottom of the candle.

The light these candles produce is widespread, perfect to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

The Eluvian products are the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Simply choose the style you like best between the three collections available: “Modern Art“, the “Nordic Style” and “Spring Time

The version that I want to show in this post is my favorite: the rectangular collection “Nordic Style”



I think this is a real suggestive product. The candles’ geometry, when I put them together, reminds me of modern cities’ skyline. The color combination makes me think about the northern lights of aurora borealis.


Also, Eluvian’s products, made of real wax, are totally handmade and eco-friendly 😉



What about these beautiful candles? I believe they are beautiful and of excellent quality! Which of the collections do you prefer?

If you want to buy the “Nordic Style” version, click here.

Instead to discover the other collections available, click here.


Art Direction and Video Editing: Giulia Grilli

Photo and Video: LSDP Creative

Music: “Light Pattern” by Bonobo



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