Aman Tokyo: an oasis in the contemporary Japanese style


You are in Tokyo, in the prestigious business district of Otemachi, with skyscrapers, streets, cars, people… how exciting but also stressful could it be living there day after day?


Personally, I’m lucky to live in Tuscany! A territory where the frenzy hasn’t taken place yet. But I know from experience, in large cities life is fast paced.


But back to Tokyo, as you know, this is one of the most populous and frantic metropolitan cities in the world. We are in its financial district, but in the midst of all the chaos there is an oasis: I’m talking about the hotel spa, Aman Tokyo, designed by Kerry Hill Architects.

The hotel, which occupies the floors 33-38 of the Otemachi Tower, is a true gem specifically reconstructed, despite being in the midst of the bustle of the metropolis.

Its luminous spaces, which sprawl out are furnished in a fine, elegant and minimalist, perfectly contemporary Japanese style.

Common areas have swimming pools, leisure spots, areas where you can do yoga or work out, a wellness center, catering areas, and 84 rooms and suites, where you can stay.

The colors are sober, mostly gray and beige, with huge windows that overlook the city. From here it doesn’t seem to be so chaotic anymore, does it?

What do you think of this oasis of relaxation? Do you like the Aman Tokyo? Is there anything that particularly struck you? Do like this style? Do you think they achieved the goal of re-creating a comfortable and charming environment? Do you want to go there? Are you already in Tokyo? Do you want to suggest any sites to see there? Write everything in the comments below!


Aman Tokyo

Studio Kerry Hill Architects


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