Wallpaper: contemporary interior design


Since the ancient times, humans have always loved to decorate the walls of their homes. In every age, the wealthy class used curtains, tapestries, and frescoes to achieve this kind of decoration, until, in the twelfth century, the trend to paint paper and then apply it to the home walls spread though Europe.

Throughout the ages, wallpaper decoration was the topic of fashion and artistic movements. In the most recent past, the wallpaper decoration technique was widespread in the ‘70s.

Today, after a period in which wallpaper has been considered “outdated” and not appealing anymore, it has been proposed again by the major companies in a new way, with a contemporary taste. Made with new materials and characterized by amazing designs, it is able to create unexpected and stunning visual effects.

Wallpaper has become a very important element to add style, luxury, and beauty to any environment.



You can find a lot of different versions on the market. All of them have a modern taste, ranging from classic decorations to other that are “super” modern, from natural to abstract representations, from blow-ups to geometric patterns.

With wallpaper, you are able to totally change an environment. You can create your own perfect style by choosing the design and illustration that best represents you, in which you feel the most at home.








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Personally, I find these kinds of wallpaper truly remarkable! They are able to give personality to an environment in order to provide profoundness, character, and highlight the elements that decorate the space. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Which one is you favorite?



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