Wardrobes as spaces: news by Novamobili at Milan Design Week 2022


The Novamobili wardrobes, together with the customizable proposals of the walk-in closets and the modular containers of the sleeping area, are conceived as spaces that (re)organize the spaces. Objects that were previously only cold and austere containers, acquire a new dynamism with Novamobili. Whether with hinged or sliding doors, wardrobes today offer a new dimension to domestic environments.

Layer, wardrobe by Novamobili
Inside a wardrobe by Novamobili, details

At Milano Design Week 2022, within the new layout of the flagship store in via Melchiorre Gioia, Novamobili imagines different atmospheres of the sleeping area united by the refinement of the design elements. The Novamobili wardrobe universe is enriched this year with new finishes and shades, as well as three wardrobes that I will tell you in more detail after having seen them personally in Milan.

Stave by Novamobili

Stave is the multifunctional storage proposal designed by Novamobili. The dimensions of this wardrobe are very generous, with curved modules and doors with vertical slats.

Stave has finishes in matt and oxidized lacquer or veneered in oak and canaletto walnut finishes. The structure of this wardrobe and its compositional possibilities also make it an excellent dividing system, like a sort of wall between two rooms. The optical effect given by the retractable doors (with push-pull opening) is reminiscent of that of a boiserie.

Thanks to Novamobili’s design farsightedness, it’s possible to request curved Stave modules to form an angle or concave or convex lines, or even a long linear wall with curved final modules.

Stave, wardrobe by Novamobili
Back of Stave, wardrobe by Novamobili

Layer by Novamobili

The Layer wardrobe plays on transparency, with a sliding glass door that swings on an essential and geometric structure. The dimensions and internal organization of the compartments can be customized. The doors are in smoked or ribbed glass, so it’s possible to glimpse the internal content of the module. The glass doors can be enriched – and this sounds like a great news – by panels with different finishes and materials (veneered, opaque and oxidized lacquered, eco-wood and super-matt). Optimizing the personal management of storage spaces is the main purpose of Layer, all under our eyes.

Layer, wardrobe by Novamobili

Perry by Novamobili

The Perry wardrobe puts in its catalog some novelties regarding its glass doors, with the addition of ribbed and silk-screened fumé (with three different graphic decorations to choose from). These innovations are added to the possibility of interspersing the glass doors with other materials and finishes. Let’s imagine a Perry wardrobe with doors with mirrors or elements in eco-wood, leather, super-matt, matt or oxidized lacquered, oak or canaletto walnut veneers. Those who have particular needs in terms of space optimization can choose the new Panorama system with the door opening at 180 degrees. Need anything else? Yes, it can also be equipped with internal LED lighting.

Perry, wardrobe by Novamobili

Modularity, flexibility and transversality are confirmed as the pillars of Novamobili, declined according to a company tradition that welcomes the design challenges of the future of living.

Article in collaboration with Novamobili

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