BBB’s photographic story at Fuorisalone 2022


BBB at Fuorisalone 2022 chose the spaces of HUS Milano to celebrate its design. Seats that have made history and new proposals in line with contemporary taste have created an atmosphere of an artisan workshop together with the BBB bookcases, which over time have become among the company’s best sellers.

Taking advantage of the concept of a widespread design, which makes us imagine the products in various contexts, not only in the merely exhibition ones, BBB puts seats, armchairs, tables and bookcases around an artisan’s table. The set-up brings out the design spirit of the past and combines it with modern forms, required by the market and, sometimes, enriched by some features (such as the LEDs of the Sapiens bookcase, which can be turned on by Alexa or Google Home).

Serena Vinciguerra and Franco Poli have made the HUS Milano space a living material. The art direction of the BBB company thus takes a very specific path, responsive to the dynamics of the market that requires accessible products with a design shaped to contemporary taste.

The protagonists of BBB at Fuorisalone 2022 were:

– the seats designed by Giò Ponti, 940 and 969

– Plixy, the Oyster armchair and the Layer armchair by Franco Poli

– Cocoon, a chair by Serena Vinciguerra

– Venezia and Again, chairs by Favaretto&Partners

– the Sapiens and Neanderthal libraries, the first one designed by Bruno Rainaldi, the second one by Franco Poli

– the Luigi Filippo table, designed by Marta Laudani e Marco Romanelli

At Fuorisalone 2022, the new BBB is back.

Article in collaboration with BBB.

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