The Panton Chair


The Panton Chair is an icon of international design.

Maybe his name still doesn’t mean anything to you, or maybe you already know perfectly well who I’m referring to, but either way, I’m sure you have seen this chair over and over again.

The Panton Chair was created by the creative mind of the designer Verner Panton in 1960, and its serial production came in 1967 in collaboration with the Vitra company, which still today produces and distributes them today.


There are many factors that have made this production famous and timeless.

First, we are talking about an innovation in the production process, in fact the first Panton Chair was made by a single piece of plastic (polypropylene) with injection molding.

Its shape then, is sinuous, fluid, and attractive.

It has a slightly flexible structure that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the body, and makes it functional, and very ergonomic.


Available in various colors and in two finishes: polished and satin. By the way the satin finish only has only been possible to technically achieve since 1999.

The Panton, over the years, won many international design awards, in addition to being part of many museum collections.

The Panton Chair is able to adapt to all contexts. We can put it in a home environment, in an office, outdoors and it always finds its way to fit in and integrate into the environment.







What else can I say? … I love the Panton Chair! It’s a piece that I can definitely advise you to invest in: it always makes a good impression and is reasonably priced!

What do you think about it? Where in your house could you see the Panton Chair? What color do you prefer? And the finish: do you like glossy or satin better?

photos via: Vitra & Pinterest


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