Ten Bang by the Italian journalist Giorgio Tartaro on IGTV


It’s a nice idea by the Italian journalist Giorgio Tartaro, it suddenly starts live on Instagram, it’s about design and architecture topics and people have very little time to present their projects: this is in short what Ten Bang is. Giorgio Tartaro’s new format, all on Instagram, involves architects, designers and professionals, called upon to tell about 10 projects that have them as protagonists.
Tartaro’s beautiful idea has already collected over 40 episodes (48 at this very moment). In the episode n.41 of Ten Bang I chose to tell about some of my favorite projects which bring together design, events and communication.
Here is the episode: Ten Bang_41 Camilla Bellini

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Several are the protagonists of the Ten Bang format. Among others, Odo Fioravanti, the Palomba-Serafini duo, Simone Micheli, Luca Nichetto, Matteo Ragni and Giulio Ceppi exhibited their projects. Quality is certainly not lacking and Giorgio is always a skilled communicator, capable of interesting and inspirational conversations. On his Instagram profile you can find all the episodes of this interesting format.

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