Welcome home, spring! Colors to be trendy in 2021


Color trend highlights for spring 2021

Colorful fabrics with floral patterns, wallpapers, furnishings in soft colors and elegant shapes: this is how our spaces will change look to welcome spring 2021. We are made to change, said an old claim, and never as in this period do we need to renew the environments in which we spend most of our time.

March is the month that inaugurates the season with the most pleasant temperature, in which the days get longer and nature reveals its beauty with colors. And it is above all on the colors that the most exciting challenge is played in our homes. The colder colors of winter make room for spring freshness and the sunlight coming through the shutters begins to delicately illuminate our rooms.

Pantone has already told us the trending colors of 2021, launching Illuminating and Ultimate Gray last December. In short, shades of yellow and gray. But there are other palettes to focus on to be on trend next spring.

For those hungry for spring, 2021 suggests these palettes: quiet wave, brave ground and ophelia. To be clear: these trendy colors are linked to light green, dove gray and dark pink.

Quiet wave, brave ground and ophelia for spring 2021: all the design shades

Quiet wave plays its part with references to sustainability and greenery, in a shade that favors concentration and optimism.

Brave ground is that dove-gray tone that we frequently find in nature, very soft and versatile, able of bringing out the other colors to which it is combined with delicacy.

Ophelia is a dark pink that communicates harmony, delicacy and somehow hospitality. It helps to make the rooms welcoming with refined elegance.

In this moodboard you can notice the color effects and empathic reactions that trigger these spring colors and also all the elements that will most characterize this season’s design trends:


  • new palettes with quiet wave, brave ground and ophelia;


  • floral patterns and elements linked to nature, not exactly the wild one, but the more domestic one!;


  • home decor with soft and round shapes elements;


  • many curves, few rigidly geometric patterns;


  • environments that encourage relaxation.


The following moodboard is made thanks to the Westwing configurator: https://www.westwingnow.it/customer/moodboard/

Moodboard highlight color spring 2021

The elements that characterize this spring 2021 moodboard are all available on the Westwing website. Find them all in this list:

Carrie 3 seater sofa


Kokamo pillow case


Good Morning Dessert Plates


Abstract digital print


Love And Flourish framed digital print


Coffee table with Beam marble top


Lene glass vase with metal base


Winter Dream blown glass vase  




To ensure that the spring elements get into the existing home space without upsetting the environment, I recommend lightening the spaces, removing some frills to give more prominence to the new elements. The keyword in this case is: harmony. Everything must be harmonious, with an elegant dosage of the elements available. With a trendy touch, of course.

Small semi-serious design lessons to take away:

  • attention to contrasting elements. Contrasts are used to give a tone to the rooms, to light them up, to highlight some areas or elements. This does not mean screwing up. Contrasts are welcome, but with style and rationality;


  • let spring find a welcoming environment in our homes. All the elements within a space must somehow speak each other;


  • put everything on the decorative elements, they can leave their mark, without excess. The risk of filling every space with messy junk is around the corner, you act by subtraction.


Go green with style! Don’t miss the chance to have nice vase for your plants and flowers. Spring releases colors, it is up to us to do our best to find a cozy nest in our homes.

Find this article also on Westwing.

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