The spectacular Green Belt Lounge – Wuxi, China


We are in China, more specifically in Wuxi ... what I'm about to show you is a really incredible local lounge

It is extremely elegant and features contemporary interior design, but with strong references to tradition, culture, and the Chinese imagination.

It one of a kind! I’m talking about the Green Belt Lounge.

What immediately strikes you is the prospect of space, emphasized by green plants on the ceiling, that with the use of mirrors, reflects onto the floor.

This natural guide perfectly divides the environment into two symmetrical parts. The feeling of harmony and elegance is strong.

The hushed lights chosen to emphasize the furniture and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, also highlight the elements that make up the interior.

Natural colors and materials were key elements of the splendid work by Prism Design studio.

Did you like the Green Belt Lounge? What do you think about the details on the ceiling and with the plants? And if you had to imagine an occasion to come to this lounge, what would it be?


Prism Design Studio

©photos: archilovers

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