Playlists music for architects and designers to boost creativity


Designing to the sound of music

Where do you get your inspiration from? How is creativity generated? Music is often the best choice to help the creative process flow. Think about your latest project and try to associate it with a song. Even if you weren’t listening to it while designing, you automatically built a moment when that project made you think of that song.

There are songs that allow us to work with greater concentration and songs instead of generating an avalanche of emotions, distract us by taking our attention elsewhere, giving rise to new ideas. That’s why I thought I’d share playlists with you for architects and designers (but they are also good for those who run a studio, an office, a coworking station or for those who simply want to listen to good music).

phonograph cartridge house of marley giradischi

“Project-based” playlists

Usually you will find instrumental, electronic or experimental playlists or hard rock and heavy metal, pop, rap or any other genre. What I want to do – which is why this article will be constantly updated – is to choose songs to associate with a different theme each month. According to a survey of my Instagram Stories, Spotify is my community’s favorite streaming music service. The alternatives I had given were Amazon Music and Apple Music (which finished second in the survey). So let it be Spotify.

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I could have chosen the most beautiful tracks that concerned the concept of home, of building, of designing, but instead I selected themes, or rather “moments”, which will be “set to music” month after month. Here are some of the themes: love, workout, work, cooking, empowerment. I reveal the others slowly, I would not like to anticipate the times too much. What music do architects listen to, I wondered. And the answer I gave myself is that they listen to music “on project”, that is, linked to a specific theme that they are facing at that moment. I think that the “project” themes that I have selected can bring everyone together. They are not mainstream playlists, they want to be open to those who want to enjoy the right moment with the ad hoc background.

Playlist for architects, designers and archinauts in general

We start with the WORK playlist on Spotify perfect for architects, designers, planners, graphic designers and all those who like my musical choices. Music inspires everyone more, needless to deny it.

I’ll listen to these playlists on my House of Marley Stir it up turntable, amplified with Get Together Duo speakers. I have already talked about the company in my article in which I explain their concept of consumer electronics linked to the world of sound.

Speaker wireless House of Marley
Anyone wishing to tell me songs can do so by leaving a comment or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

PLAYLIST SUMMER for designers and architects

Will summer 2021 mark the definitive restart after the painful pandemic? With these 14 songs, mixing a bit of modern and a bit of the 90s, I would say that there is enough music to get off to a great start. Enjoy the music!

Here’s the playlist SUMMER on Spotify!

PLAYLIST WORK for designers and architects

What is the perfect soundtrack of your ideal working day? I suggest some good music for you. Here’s the link for the playlist WORK on Spotify!


Playlist RELAX for architects and designers

It’s time to relax, with a new playlist to enjoy a moment of rest and forget about the frantic pace of modern life. Not only ambient music here! Enjoy the music with the playlist RELAX on Spotify!


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