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Consumer electronics vs environmental impact

When it comes to technological products and consumer electronics, buyers often have to be forced to market dynamics that include production inefficiency, risky pricing games or planned obsolescence. One of the frequent problems of the sector is the environmental impact of some productions, especially in terms of polluting residues, which determine the low quality of the final product, if not from a strictly technical point of view, certainly from an ethical point of view.

Putting together the production of electronics and the environmental cause should be the goal of companies in the sector, which too often pretend not to see the problem. When I came into contact with House of Marley, the first question I asked was: how virtuous is the company that descends from the Rasta icon?

It is totally based on Bob Marley’s way of life, I was told. And by visiting the website of the company I have seen how true it was.

From Bob Marley's philosophy to the House of Marley company

Music is the song of the earth, said the Jamaican white boy. And perhaps there is no better way to celebrate his life creed than having the tools from nature to be able to celebrate and listen to music.

This is how I guess that the purpose of House of Marley is born. The company comes from the iconic spirit of Bob Marley and now, thanks to the perfect combination of sustainability, design and technology, wants to start a revolution in the sound industry with music and actions, not only words. And the first part of the revolution starts with the use of certified sustainable materials that contribute to the general well-being of our planet.

The legacy of an epochal figure like the king of reggae, memorable over the decades, brings with it a strong sense of responsibility towards ideals and values ​​that represent not only an entire population but anyone seeking redemption and equality.

Gino Castaldo, during an interview, talked about Bob Marley as a character with an out-of-scale charisma, with a unique stage presence, moved by an inner strength that was his life mission. House of Marley has taken on this venture by committing to designing high quality music products with an earth-friendly soul. The company is in the side of nature.

House of Marley dances to a different drum

Bob Marley’s vision is therefore translated into the use of natural materials, in processes with a low environmental impact and that limit waste. The values of the company agree with the environment and the quality of our own life. Let’s say this again: surrounding ourselves with natural objects, processed in a virtuous way, improves our life.

The use of bamboo is part of the company’s strategy, which uses this malleable and precious element to forge its products. Aesthetics, yes, but also function, in order not to compromise design, quality and environmental impact of the materials used.

House of Marley has designed a line of audio products, made with materials that preserve natural resources (recycled but also and above all recyclable), minimize the environmental impact, limit waste within the consumer electronics market and invite a circularity of resources. An attention that can already be seen starting from the packaging. The House of Marley environmental cause can only give this company countless praises. Buying each House of Marley product contributes to planting a tree. Since 2017, through donations to One Tree Planted, it has planted over 240 thousand trees, managing to eliminate 20% of carbon from our atmosphere.

Why 02061945 and why I chose House of Marley

House of Marley enriches its products – earphones, headphones, speakers and turntables – with the date February 6, 1945 (02061945, following the American month-day-year scheme), the day of the birth of Bob Marley, aka Robert Nesta Marley. A tangible sign of an important legacy that – putting aside the technical opinions of the various instruments – charges all the products with vibrant emotion. By using bamboo for the assembly and covering details, House of Marley makes unique and unrepeatable products, where mass production gives way to “made in nature“.

There are decisions that are the result of circumstances, not just the emotions of the moment. It went more or less like this with House of Marley: in the period where I spend most of the time at home, in my welcoming but still limited home, I had an even stronger need to surround myself with brands that fully embrace my life and work choices. House of Marley fully represents the present and the future that I see in the world of design, which collects a great legacy and, without compromise, carries forward the values, holding true to the ideal of quality.

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