Which tablet should you buy and why just the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


The perfect tablet for designers and beyond

If you are looking for a tablet to buy in 2021, you are in the right place. And not because I’m a tablet expert, but because I personally tested the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and decided I didn’t want to try any other. This is a premise if you are a particularly distracted reader or if this is the first time you read this blog: I am an interior and product designer. I use pencil a lot, because using it I have a more intimate contact with the things I create. It almost seems to me to touch them before they are even produced or become a house. So why use a tablet? Because the tablet is more comfortable than a drawing tablet and more functional than a sheet of paper.
A tablet is ideal for those who, especially in smartworking but not only, are working in locations and spaces that, while maintaining a certain productivity, have suddenly been reduced.
Those who use a tablet do so mainly for reasons related to multitasking or gaming (although this is not my case).

Opinions about Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (here you will find all the features) with which I have been playing for a few days is perfect for those like me who draw, take notes during a call and send urgent emails before deadline, all this at the same time. The tablet in question has the fastest processor in its class, which means that the graphics performance is very high and that the system is lightning fast. I won’t get into technicalities because this is not up to me, but when I say it’s very fast it’s because it’s true. Try to open a sketching software on any tablet and then you will come back here and agree with me!

The display is another important feature of this tablet. The Galaxy Tab S7 has a large display, practically like a kind of TV, but very thin, super compact and light. It has 4 latest generation speakers that allow you to have an excellent audio performance, without the need to add extra speakers.

Samsung S Pen - Features

The S Pen – unlike all competitor tablets – is included in the box of delivery. So no additional expense is added to that of the tablet itself. But despite being included, the S Pen is a high-end tool: very precise, very fast and above all… very magnetic! You attach it to the back of the tablet and you don’t risk losing it around. With 14 hours of battery life of the tablet it is normal that you want to always carry it with you!
The S Pen of the Galaxy Tab S7 responds immediately to commands and is very fluid. You practically use it like a ballpoint pen, with incredible precision that is allowing me to use it to take notes and to make my sketches. Then it is also a kind of remote control: it can turn the volume up and down, act as a cursor, go on with the songs, etc.

The tablet’s battery when used for video playback lasts over 14 hours, which is a lot for these tools. Using it mainly for drawing I noticed that the duration performance is optimized even more.

Main Features - Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Which tablet to buy in 2020/2021

If you are looking for a tablet to buy or to give as a gift, I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. There is also the Plus version, with an even bigger screen, but for my use this is excellent.
I am not a tech expert, it is good to say this again, but I have really tested this tablet and I have chosen to adopt it in my daily life, to the point of preferring it to a desktop PC, especially in terms of convenience. Here’s one of the presentations I made with the S Pen on Canva!

*Article in collaboration with Samsung Italia

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