Home wellness passes through our body: 3 modern solutions to improve the relationship with our home


Speaking about the time we spend at home, how much is really dedicated to ourselves? More hours than a few years ago, certainly, but in terms of quality, are we really sure that we have best optimized our relationship with home and its spaces? Home working is just one of the latest trends regarding our homes. So why not strengthen the bond and the habitability of our home in this pandemic period? Relaxing body and mind and organizing spaces dedicated to order should become imperatives.

3 modern solutions to improve our relationship with the home

I want to suggest 3 modern solutions to improve your home and your life, without forgetting that the well-being of our body also passes through the environment in which we live.

A company that more than others has focused its know-how on the concept of home wellness is Ever LIFE DESIGN. Using the functional design of Monica Graffeo and its own team of developers, Ever LIFE DESIGN has launched HOME WELLNESS EVOLUTION and the TAPE collection.

Each solution in the TAPE collection is designed by combining functionality and well-being, put together to be experienced within a domestic space. The extreme versatility of the elements of the collection make it usable in multiple rooms of the house, from the living room to the hallway, to individual rooms and the bathroom.The three versions designed to optimize spaces and functions are Storage, Fit and Shower. The whole collection is based on a system of bands that can be placed in little exploited or unused corners. They can also be easily hooked to the doors and removed without affecting the structure of the fixtures. The materials chosen are sustainable, to create well-being even among the things that live in the same environment. The places of the various accessories complete and modulate these systems made of technical material.


Like any self-respecting organizer, it is ready to host and contain different objects. The product is completed by the system of bands with wall or door fixing. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in a studio or in technical corners: where there is a need for order, there can be the TAPE STORAGE object holder.

where there is a need for order, there is a TAPE STORAGE

Domestic well-being passes through the well-being of our body, we said. So a system for a complete workout at home is ideal for those who want to keep moving from home, with exercises for all ages. Consisting of bands for suspension training, a brick for yoga activities and a sport mat in natural cork, the STORAGE FIT has already changed my physical activity at home. Seeing is believing, in this video I train with the tool attached (and then easily removed) to an internal door in my house.

Sport mat in natural cork for exercises

Simple, versatile, attach-and-detach with shower suction cups. No holes in the tiles or unpleasant problems with the shower enclosure walls. The high strength suction cups are a safety. Here is TAPE SHOWER, which consists of waterproof accessories that allow you to store everything you need to take care of your body in the shower. With obvious benefits for the mind too!

An inspirational mood board with TAPE SHOWER as a protagonist

Surrounding oneself with objects made with sustainable materials, which integrate harmoniously and delicately into the environments, improves the relationship with domestic spaces, transmitting sensations of warmth, concentration, serenity.

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