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Quality education to digitally update skills

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that we must invest our time in a productive way. Professionals, students and anyone who is in the position of having to start over or reinvent themselves must do it.

Only 40% of Italian companies and professionals update their skills, the remaining percentage does not match their skills with market demands. However, training is a crucial issue, especially towards those job positions that require updates and continuous training.

From the first years in which I started  my work on this website and on social networks, aspiring designers, university students but also professionals of various fields have asked me where to study or improve their skills .

I attended Gopillar Academy classes: my opinions

Digital helps us, especially with e-learning platforms that allow modular learning, tailored to the needs of the students. In order to give you the best advice, I have decided to personally attend the classes of Gopillar Academy. I tested the complete Photoshop course, 2020 edition, in which I refreshed my post-editing skills of rendering and graphic design. The Photoshop course allows you to learn the fundamentals of retouching, photomontage and digital image development at a professional level. 56 lessons for a total of 15 hours, which I chose to take in the evening after dinner. Then, of course, I took the opportunity to improve my skills with Autocad 2D and 3D, a cross and delight of any designer. If you are a designer or an architect who has spent sleepless nights behind this software or cried a lot after losing a project before being able to save it, well, you have my sympathy. 25 total hours of class, splitted into 70 lessons. Binge watching marathoners will be happy!

New digital classes for architects, designers, engineers of the present and the future

We all have a different time and space management than just a few months ago. What we used to do comfortably from the office desk now we do it from the notebook or from the smartphone in the living room or kitchen. Quality training knows that learning processes and times have changed and meets new needs.

That’s why Gopillar Academy courses are available from any device, with videos easy to stop and restart when you prefer. The on-demand formula leaves total freedom to watch lessons. So you can learn better, with the time and schedules you have available. Also because the courses of Gopillar Academy are always on for you. If you buy a class you can watch and review the lessons as many times as you want, with no limits! If you are looking for more detailed information on the Gopillar Academy course programs or the calendar of all video lessons, send an email to [email protected].

These are my opinions on the courses and quality of Gopillar Academy, I certainly don’t want to write here a sort of faq section of their website. However, I want to tell something.

At the base of quality training courses there is always the strength of the community. Gopillar Academy courses allow exclusive access to the Facebook Community, a place where you can ask questions and interact with teachers and students. A bit like at school, only with more opportunities to network between professionals.

The web is full of opinions on Gopillar Academy courses, but I personally wanted to test their quality, before recommend them. All courses are with examples illustrated by teachers who know the most professional use of each software or platform.

Detailed information on the types of Gopillar Academy courses

On this page of the Gopillar Academy website you can find all the digital courses, available not only in English but also in Italian and Spanish, from extremely technical architectural design to modeling and rendering. Within the training offer of Gopillar Academy there are also BIM (acronym for Building Information Modeling). 

Architects, engineers and designers together with architecture, design or engineering students, but also graphic designers and image professionals: for each profession there is a lesson or a course designed specifically. On the Gopillar Academy blog there are also many articles, tips and tutorials to keep curiosity high on the complex world of architecture, design and planning in general.

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