Folding chairs: a smart product for small apartments!


Many people choose to live in small apartments in the center of the most important cities in the world: a way to feel like a part of the vibrant world. Some people live in studio apartments for work, and those who choose a two-room for study, but there is a fundamental aspect when you live in a home like this: the furniture.

Yeah, because we not only have a house, but we must be able to create an environment that feels like “home” The organization relative to interior design changes too; it has even been reinvented over the past years.

Spaces, thicknesses, sizes and features are aspects that most have remodeled by changing radically.

I decided to take inspiration from my personal experience to be able to give the best advice: I confess, I also live in a small apartment in the heart of Florence, and when I moved I wanted to take a piece of me in the furnishing, to feel at home and to always come home to a family atmosphere where I can focus on my life. It is a small but comfortable apartment, so I decided to decorate in a smart way, so I wouldn’t have to sacrifice any of my passions or activities. I came up with tricks to solve space problems that seemed impossible to solve. I found some excellent allies: smart products and space-saving solutions have practically saved my life! I do not know about you, but I love spending time with friends, inviting them to dinner and cooking with them. So for me, it was essential to find a solution to have a place (or chair) for each person!

Since I don’t like sacrificing aesthetics of a product (and I think the same applies to you if you’re here reading this), I want to show various kinds of folding chairs that are nice and functional.

Let’s start!

The “Pocket Plastic” chair by  Area Declic


La sedia “Chair B” di BD Barcelona Design


La sedia “Clip Chair” di Moooi


La sedia “Klapp” di Area Declic


La sedia “Mirto Indoor” di B&B Italia


La sedia “Clip” di Ondarreta


La sedia “Enjoy” di Pedrali

La sedia “Flapps” di Ambivalenz


La sedia “Aviva” di Magis

sedie pieghevoli

La sedia “Donald” di Poltrona Frau


Did you notice that folding chairs can be a piece of furniture and not a simple or sad fallback? Actually, if you choose the right one, you will only add style to your home!
Was this article helpful? Do you want more tips on decorating your small apartment? Do you want to know what I have bought for my little nest? Let me know what you think, write me a comment!


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