An interview with Mr. Ziggy Kulig, GRAFF’s president and CEO


I had the opportunity to interview Ziggy Kulig, GRAFF president and CEO, a well-known American company specializing in taps. I asked him to focus on art and design, two worlds closely linked to Graff’s aesthetics. A story emerged that speaks of luxury and sustainability, attention to end users and constant innovation.

Where does the inspiration come from that makes GRAFF’s collections attractive to so many people in so many countries? 

GRAFF’s inspiration comes from a unique combination of European heritage and American ingenuity, influenced by beautiful art and design from different countries and cultures around the globe. GRAFF products are designed with the world in mind, and people everywhere recognize and respond to the universal appeal of our products and the luxury, quality, innovation, and beauty they embody.

Who are GRAFF’s designers, and how many people work for the company? 

GRAFF’s award-winning designers are some of the most talented in the industry. They include among others the renowned Swiss designer, Davide Oppizzi, who created the Ametis Collection, while the celebrated Milan-based duo of Matteo Nespoli and Alberto Novara designed the Dressage Collection. GRAFF’s own innovative G+ Design Studio designed the MOD+ Collection. GRAFF is based in the U.S., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with more than 800+ people working for the company in locations all over the world.

Ametis shower in polished brass finish

MOD+ collection mood board

The Art of Bath is GRAFF’s slogan. How strong is the crossover between these two fields, art, and design, for the company?

The crossover between the fields of art and design is very strong for GRAFF. To elevate the bathing experience, our designers passionately create art with functional elements for your private wellness space that enhances the beauty of the architectural surroundings. GRAFF’s designer collections are inspired by the most compelling examples of art, architecture, design, landscaping, engineering, and storytelling, and often the symbiosis between these fields becomes a powerful creative force.

Luna faucet in SteelNox finish

MOD+ shower collection in Architectural black and white marble finish

Sustainability is important for the designs of the present and the future. Companies are responding by producing products that are eco-friendly in terms of materials, design, durability, and many other aspects. What is GRAFF’s strategy for always being ahead? 

GRAFF has long been on the forefront of sustainability. We are dedicated to using high-quality, durable materials and in following rigorous practices to help conserve our most precious natural resources. GRAFF adheres to ISO 14001 certification requirements, meeting strict Environment Management Systems standards. GRAFF manufacturing is adjoining the national park, GRAFF embraces being actively green, protecting the environment by implementing ISO 14001, and meeting strict EMS and conservation standards. GRAFF is green all the way.

Let’s talk about the MOD+ Collection. It’s so versatile and customizable, representing luxury that is very modern. In which spaces do you imagine this collection? 

MOD+ bath collection in Brushed gold finish

The MOD+ Collection is a gorgeous bespoke collection – specially made to order for your personal wellness space – that allows you to select a different finish for each part of the faucet, including 20 luxurious finishes. Inserts are also available in three exceptional variations of pure Tuscan marble. The collection is available in 63000+ combinations

With MOD+’s creative versatility, we see the collection in a wide variety of luxurious spaces, from a country estate, seaside villa, five-star hotel, resort or spa to a modern metropolitan loft or traditional townhouse. With its vast options for customization and personalization, MOD+ complements an infinite array of interior design and architectural styles.

MOD+ collection endless creativity

What are the dramatic moments that stand out among GRAFF’s successes? 

I started the company in the early 70’s with the dream of making a difference in the industry by bringing creativity, innovation and precision and changing impressions by establishing path breaking industry standards. These values have underpinned the GRAFF philosophy, The Art of Bath. By founding GRAFF, my dream became a reality. 

The introduction of Targa, the first GRAFF collection, with the introduction of successive  collections that have followed, along with the many architectural and design awards they have won represent some of GRAFF’s most dramatic design moments and successes. Our cutting-edge designer collections, such as Luna, Ametis, Harley, and Vintage, represent GRAFF’s ongoing success and ability to continually raise the creative bar. GRAFF’s immense growth over the years is one of the most profoundly measurable aspects of our success. 

Ametis faucet in Brushed gold finish

Which is the most interesting contract project that GRAFF has done? 

Since GRAFF is involved with so many creative, beautiful, and inspirational projects all over the world, it’s difficult to point out just one. We have profound gratitude for all our partners and are honoured to work with the top architects and designers in the industry on some incredibly stunning projects. Some of our more recent projects include a modern private estate in Maui, a Hamptons, New York retreat and spa inspired by Japanese principles of wabi-sabi, a London penthouse, penthouses in tallest tower of New York, a 17th-century Paris mansion, and a luxury hotel in St. Barths to name a few.

I’d like to share with my community something of the real essence of the company – what is this essence in your opinion? 

The real essence of GRAFF is truly the Art of Bath. We see beauty in the act of bathing and the importance of the concept of personal wellness, and we want to reflect that. Everything we do is designed to enhance these experiences by bringing an exquisite artistry and luxury to their personal wellness space. Our essence is to put people in touch with their senses, and create positive feelings, such as tranquillity, joy, and optimism, through the artistic design of the bath scape.

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