The view of Positano from the Hotel Villa Gabrisa, a jewel of the Amalfi coast


We are in Positano (Italy), on the enchanting Amalfi coast. This land develops vertically, crossed by many typical stairways that from the top of the town reach down to the beaches. Here is the Hotel Villa Gabrisa, a 4-star hotel with a wonderful view of the blue sea of ​​Positano all year round.

Hotel Villa Gabrisa is a luxury and comfort hotel run by the family of Gabriele and Isabella Rispoli, former owners of the ancient villa in the residential area of ​​Positano. The history of the Villa is born from the union of the first letters of their names (Gabr-Isa).



My stay at the Hotel Villa Gabrisa

My stay at the Hotel Villa Gabrisa in Positano is linked to a communication project that I created with Les First. The company is founded by the architect Massimo Marcomini who gave life to lamp sculptures with a strong link between art, myth and high Italian crafts.

Each hotel room has a wide view of the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Li Galli islands, where the myth of the Sirens was born who enchanted passing sailors with their songs. My room was the Venere, on the second floor, with a private terrace on which, to my surprise, I found a very comfortable and super relaxing jacuzzi.

All rooms have a classic Florentine handcrafted furniture, with small seating areas. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are decorated with marble and Vietri ceramics. Very suggestive and with the typical Mediterranean mood.

On the Hotel Villa Gabrisa website you can find all the information on prices, suites, services and reservations. There are also reviews and opinions on the Hotel Villa Gabrisa, which I highly recommend.

Wonderful view from the Hotel Villa Gabrisa in Positano

This is a wonderful view from the rooms of the Hotel Villa Gabrisa.

The view of the Hotel Villa Gabrisa in Positano

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