The Jane: an unmissable Antwerp’s restaurant!


Today I decided to continue our tour of the most beautiful clubs around the world and I landed in Belgium, specifically at The JaneYes, because The Jane is one of the nicest restaurants in the Flemish area, located in beautiful Antwerp.

Created from the idea of ​​Nick and Sergio Herman Bril (the two owners/chefs) and refinly designed by Piet Boon. 

The restaurant comes to life in a former chapel, and this decision binds perfectly to the atmosphere of sanctity that the environment suggests, with its concept that can be summed up by the phrase “food is our religion“.

This is the reason why the kitchen is located in the area where the altar was once located. The kitchen is enclosed by transparent glass walls, to be visible by every table in the restaurant room on the ground floor.


On the upper floor there is a bar where you can rest, eat more informally, drink a cocktail and listen to good music.

The rest of the environment is characterized by classic black and white with a delicate teal and gold shades.

A space design that follow the rules of symmetry makes this elegant restaurant beautiful and classy: made for more than just one occasion.

We are faced with a interior design that is truly successful and beautiful and was studied in detail. There is even a giant chandelier, which is icing on the cake of a very interesting and spectacular project.



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Fantastic, don’t you think? If you also want to book a reservation at The Jane, click here , but remember: the waiting list can have be longer than 3 months!

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