Four ways to set your table


Since always, the table represents the unchangeable idea of company, of sharing, of being together. The table is always a symbol of being in company, with leisure, and simply just being together. Although the table itself is a static element, the style in which we welcome guests can change it every time, right?

Therefore, we set and decorate the table leaving our moods to inspire us, by the kind of occasion we are going to celebrate, with flowers and favorite colors. Then if you like, go ahead and take a cue from these images that I’m going to show you! All are refined and simple. With them, I found great inspiration!

Contemporary style

For example, if you want your table to have a current and contemporary feel, but at the same time chic, I recommend monochromatic.

I personally would suggest the beautiful version in “gray”, but you can adapt your choice of colors to what seems more appropriate for the occasion.


Minimal style

For a minimal style, you can opt for a clear main color instead and then spice it up with a touch of other colors. You shouldn’t have too many things out and it should be simple.



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Chic style

If, instead, you want to get an elegant and refined style, the trio white-black-gold will guarantee, in my opinion, great results. In this case, also it pay a lot of attention to the quality of the fabrics and the details of everything you choose.




Floral style

Finally, if you are a lover of flowers, make them the spotlight of your table with a colorful and original style!




If you want to ask for more advice, you do know where to contact me, don’t you? I’ll be happy to help you 😉

credits photos: Beth Kirby local milk on Flickr, Domonique  The Simple Proof, Bloglovin’,, VKV Visuals, Ralph Lauren Home,, Emma Harris, Cassandra Lavalle coco+kelley


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