Aqua Tower: il primo grattacielo progettato e realizzato da una donna


"We came up with the idea of creating a topography on the outside of the building, making the building into a landscape"

Aqua Tower by Studio Gang Architects

At 82 stories and over 1.9 million sf, Aqua Tower is one of few high-rises in the world that creates a community on its façade. With a hotel, apartments, condominiums, parking, offices, and one of Chicago’s largest green roofs, this multi-use tower demonstrates both architectural and technical achievements. Its outdoor terraces—which differ in shape from floor to floor based on criteria such as views, solar shading and dwelling size/type—create a strong connection to the outdoors and the city, as well as form the tower’s distinctive undulating appearance.

Aqua Tower has won numerous architecture awards, including the Honor Award, Distinguished Building, AIA Chicago; Skyscraper of the Year, Emporis; and a PETA “Proggy” Award.

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