Why is light design important: the case of Formaliz3d lamps


Light, Light, Light!


Light is a key element of our existence. Did you know that it even plays a fundamental role in how we perceive a space and also how we interact with it?


Light determines our behavior, our mood, our biological rhythm, and the quality of our space, too. Studying and planning the light design is therefore crucial, even in our living spaces, where natural light is irreparably mixed with artificial light, creating intense contrasts.


With the ignition of some light focus we can decide to create special atmospheres, we can choose to emphasize a particular point of an environment or a wall, and above all, we can choose to design the destination of the shadows.


In fact, there are many lamps whose design allows the projection of real shadow “games.”

Following this style in particular, I want to introduce Formaliz3d’s lamps to you today, an Italian design studio that is young, modern and based in Milan.

©photo: Formaliz3d
©photo: CB Team

The studio includes Matteo Meraldi, Simone Colombo and Dario Sartori, three guys who, after having met in the European Design Institute in Milan, decided to continue their professional, and above all creative, career together (if you want to know more about them, I’ll leave all the links at the end of the article).

All of their lamps are created by the 3D printing technology, which consists of a three-dimensional object mold, starting from a digital model. It’s a technique that first allows a certain production speed and also produces the products without all the material waste.

But the technological part of their way of designing and creating lamps is not the only thing that struck me, actually, I find that these products have a more poetic sense that comes from their modern and contemporary appeal.

©photo: CB Team
©photo: CB Team
©photo: Formaliz3d

I am referring to the specific atmosphere they are able to create, the way they spread the intensity of light and the way that the shadows are projected.

They are lamps that can be placed either in a private home environment, such as a dining or lounge area, as well as in dining venues or relaxation halls, especially for creating these light games that create a sense of intimacy. What do you think about it?

©photo: Formaliz3d
©photo: Formaliz3d

Another element that I really appreciate is the object’s highly technological content of design, which remains at an affordable price and, better yet, is available online.


All this seemed to me that it was a real focus for them in the Formaliz3d studio, and since we are now in the gift giving season, I wanted to talk about them because these lamps are definitely something memorable.
You can buy them on this page dedicated to Formaliz3d in the Debou e-commerce space by choosing from 6 templates:

The Rumble Issay - ©photo: Formaliz3d
The Rumble Iraya - ©photo: Formaliz3d
The Rumble Inalye - ©photo: Formaliz3d

The Kayan with Plumen

The Kayan - ©photo: Formaliz3d

The Kayan color with Plumen

The Kayan color - ©photo: Formaliz3d
The Rumble Table - ©photo: Formaliz3d

Good news is that Debou’s owner, Carol Stante, is a really passionate designer that I had the opportunity to meet personally almost two years ago. Given our good relationship, we were able to get in contact and I asked her for a small gift for all of you.


So, I have a 20% discount for you all, on every Formaliz3d lamp purchase.

The discount code is this: justforyou20

Just enter it at checkout in the coupon box on the left!

Happy shopping!

©photo: CB Team
©photo: CB Team

So what do you think? Do you like Formaliz3d lamps? Would you buy one? Would you give one as a gift? Did you know about the 3D printing technique before? As always, I hope that I have been helpful and in this case, have been able to give you a hand with Christmas gift ideas!

©photo: CB Team


Formaliz3d: web-site, Facebook, Instagram

Debou: web-site, Facebook, Instagram


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