How to sleep well and live happy: the Tediber secret


Sleeping well at night is perhaps one of the most common wishes nowadays. Our lives have become more frenetic, the technology that helps us in our daily work, is often our first cause of fatigue.


How many hours do we spend in front of the luminous screens of computers and smartphones? And how many times when we rest our head on the pillow after a heavy day, ready to surrender to the arms of Morpheus, we are awakened by the vibration or ringing of our devices?


In short, being able to sleep well is really complicated. Indeed, according to a study published in the journal Sleep, sleeping well is so unlikely that when we do it makes us feel like we have won the lottery. When we sleep really well, our body registers such happiness that it is compared to an important win.


And what is the fundamental element for sleeping well? The mattress, for sure.

Quality, comfort and durability: which aspect is most important when evaluating the purchase of a mattress? Probably all. The quality (and therefore also the duration) of a mattress is the peculiar characteristic of its comfort. Some, however, make it only a question of price: have you ever noticed how many promotions (often even on television) are there about mattresses?


Today I want to talk to you about the brand Tediber, a Belgian startup that has focused on the production of high quality mattresses, pillows and eiderdowns. Its mattresses are sold exclusively on the Internet, without intermediaries, and always at the same price, without any promotion.

As they ask on their site, “how would you feel if you were buying a mattress and a few weeks later you saw that the same model is sold for less?” And above all, how can you think of comparing the price of a mattress if prices change continuously, from store to store and from site to site?


When I try a mattress in a store, I have the feeling that it is comfortable, but actually I have to sleep a few nights to see how comfortable it is. Does it happen to you too? So, to meet these real needs, Tediber offers a trial period of 100-nights. If you do not like it, the company undertakes to send a courier to take it back for free and you will be reimbursed 100% of the amount paid. I tried it and decided to keep it, here is the Tediber secret 🙂



What impresses about this startup is its attention to the environment and to the social. Tediber products are low environmental impact (in Milan, for example, they delivery on bike!), made mainly by hand and with a positive social impact. In fact, the company has chosen to donate mattresses returned in good condition to Emmaüs Défi which, thanks to the Banque Solidaire de l’Equipement project, favors the reintegration of people who are in a precarious situation, helping them to find a first occupation.


Statistically we spend a third of our life in bed (insomniacs maybe less), sleeping well should be a sacrosanct right and not a fatigue.


By the way, save the date: March 17 is the World Sleep Day.


Sweet dreams. And to know more about Tediber, click here!



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