Camilla Bellini

Hello, my name is Camilla. I am Italian, born and raised in the beautiful region of Tuscany. I’m 30 years old and a professional designer.

The Diary of a Designer Blog?

Honestly, the idea of ​​this blog happened almost by accident. I started it for fun to share my passion for design through social network… and then, I don’t even know how it happened, after just a short time many people started asking for my advice, ideas, and opinions on design.

After a while the blog became a real job. I didn’t know how I could create new and high quality content, because it really takes time, passion, and dedication. I’m really happy and satisfied with the project result. And I’m happy to be able to share design ideas with people every day!

Planning the editorial plan

The Diary of a Designer 2.0

So, with my team, we designed and produced “The Diary of a Designer” 2.0: a new blog, specifically designed for us and our entire community. It’s a place where I hope people will feel comfortable and where we can talk and exchange tips and advice. I want it to be a reference point for high-quality design that will never betray you!

Meeting with the CBteam


Then there is my main job, my other passion. I am a design blogger, but also a professional designer: I work with interiors and products. My personal taste has always characterized my work, accompanying the unique quality of Made in Italy with timeless charm full of history.

Mood Bellini

About Me

Since telling people about yourself is often something that you can’t really do objectivity, I asked my collaborator and friend, Giulia Grilli, to say something about me instead. Here’s what she had to say: “Camilla is a strong, beautiful woman both inside and out. Delicate, yet strong. She’s balanced and has great taste … but then, when I think about being able to categorize her taste (working in the field of communication, a lot of my job is understanding the needs of others) she always manages to amaze me with new and creative ideas. She is exceptionally creative! What else? Ah! She is quite witty and she never swears. If she was one of the stars of Sex & City, she would definitely be Charlotte! “

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