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We are young and dynamic. The pursuit of perfection and fun are the keywords that helped develop the CB Team.

Giulia Grilli

Co-Founder and Creative Director

“I am the art director and a freelance graphic designer. I have worked in this field for almost eight years. I can say, I understood the main mission, the one that led me to help create this project: I want to bring beauty into people’s everyday lives. That’s what brought me and Camilla together right away! I am optimistic, sincere, and ambitious. I believe in art and in myself.”

Fausto Maglia

Product Manager

“I constantly try to match new ideas with existing problems, or existing problems with new ideas. I am a product manager with experience in agile environments, but more than this I am a constant learner and the things that I love to go after are those which I don’t already know and master.

The CB project is like this: I don’t know where it will lead us, but I’m sure we will learn a lot along the way.”

Mariapiera Forgione

Communication consultant and fundraiser

“I watched as Camilla and Giulia’s intuition gradually became a complex and structured project with the ambition to grow and stand tall! In our journey, I’ve learned a lot: first, that tenacity and perseverance are great when facing new challenges! Innovative ideas, and especially when exploring new frontiers, need courage, but also a certain method and certain skills.”

Nicole Delesha

Translator and interpreter

“I am the translator and interpreter for the CB Team. I am American, and I grew up in Oregon. I began traveling to Italy in 2013, and I ended up falling in love with the art, design, and culture. I have had the great opportunity to learn Italian by speaking it and being immersed in it everyday. I am very friendly and I love traveling, art, sports, and nature.”



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